Join the Zombie Invasion October 30th

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A message from The Beyond:

ist2_2548057_zombie_boy.jpgAre you prepared for an invasion... of ZOMBIES?  A massive horde of groaning Zombies will stumble along Main Street on Sunday, October 30, 2011 in search of brains in the "Brainy Borough." 


Everyone feels like a Zombie from time to time; crabby teenagers, overworked parents, commuting professionals, travel-worn grandparents, tuckered-out toddlers... the list goes on.  And dressing as the Undead can be easy - put a colander on your head, wear a baggy shirt, slump forward and you're ready to go. So, join us and we'll slog it out together and show some unity and understanding for what makes each one of us feel like a Zombie sometimes.

Zombies and any accompanying victims should meet at the Old Colonial Cemetery at 5:00 p.m. on Main Street next to the train station, or wait along Main Street for the horde to gather you up in its path.  


All are encouraged to bring a canned good for the Borough Improvement League's Food Bank, and drop boxes will be provided. The invasion will end at the Old Franklin School.  For more information, call 732-261-4807, 732-742-4835, or visit our Facebook page at "Zombies Invade Metuchen - October 30, 2011."

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