Junior Troop 80417 Wants YOU (if you used to be a Girl Scout!)

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girlscouts.jpgAs their Bronze Award, Junior Troop 80417 is creating a living historical document about Metuchen and Girl Scouting to celebrate the Girl Scouts of America's 100th Anniversary this coming year. In order to do so, they need women who have been either Girl Scouts themselves or leaders in and around the Metuchen area (and if you were a Girl Scout somewhere else and then came to Metuchen and used that experience as a leader, even better!)

If you choose to participate with the girls, all of whom are local residents, 10-11 years old and will be doing the work of "History Detectives" during the project, you will be interviewed on camera about your experiences. Anything you wish to share is acceptable (Girl Scouts are upstanding citizens and, no matter what decade you participated in, we know you will have many great memories to share!)

If you would like to share your stories and experience with the Scouts, please contact Jana Siciliano at scamozz@optonline.net and you will be matched up with a History Detective to take down all the fantastic details of your time in the green and brown! Thanks!!

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