Say a Sad Farewell to the Raconteur - Closes January 31st

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rac banner3.jpgYes, it's true. Alex Dawson's The Raconteur Bookshop, a mainstay of Main Street Metuchen for the past seven years, will close its doors officially on January 31,2012. This piece of bad news rises above most of the pieces of bad news that come our way each and every morning in America, it seems . . .  because this is about our downtown, about the Brainy Boro's attempts to remain a Brainy Boro and not to give in to the Jersey Shore and Real Housewives world of reality television, spray tans and fistfights. The cramped, eclectic, slightly demented interior of the store, with its smell of old books and fresh coffee, its insane collection of artifacts, literary and not, will be missed with heartfelt pangs. To think of Main Street without that outpost of all that is smart and interesting in this world is a painful thought. We will miss the electricity created by one Alex Dawson, writer and the very spitting image of a raconteur, striding down Main Street purposefully into his shop, where one would expect, on several days during the week, to encounter fire-breathers, Nobel prize winners or local kids sharing their creativity with the public.

The Raconteur leaves behind a legacy of creative, educational and sometimes maddeningly weird and macho manifestations of the human spirit. The over 500 free events sponsored by the store in its lifetime provided this little town an opportunity to tune into so many different wavelengths that sometimes it felt like we were living in the middle of some fantastic metropolis where anything could happen (and sometimes did). 

The Raconteur, however, still has ten lively events in place so get there and pay homage to Alex Dawson's intense and much appreciated love for this community and all things wild and wonderful. Click here for the upcoming events, including an evening with Jersey giant filmmaker extraordinaire John Sayles. Thanks, Alex -- don't think your efforts will be forgotten any time soon.

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My 8th grader daughter's reaction said it best: "WHY?!?!?!"

Too bad they're closing.

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  • Andy: My 8th grader daughter's reaction said it best: "WHY?!?!?!" Too read more

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