Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Volunteering Supports His Legacy in Metuchen

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Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, everyone! In light of the work of Dr. King, here is a story about one member of our community who used a difficult experience and turned it into community service:

Tyreen Reuter is a mother of two young children and a stealthy supporter of Downtown Metuchen and its businesses. After almost being run down by an unsafe driver around the holidays, she reached out to MM and we printed a letter about it (http://www.metuchenmatters.com/2011/12/dangerous_drivers_causes_concern_for_citizens_and_downtown_businesses.html). This letter brought a call from the Mayor, who asked her to join the Transportation and Traffic Commission. She accepted the invitation and attended her first meeting last week. Here's what she had to say about it:

"I went to my first meeting last night - it was very eye-opening!  There are certainly a lot of issues they have been investigating and advising on.  Daniel Lebar . . . is the Chair and can probably fill you on a lot that has been going on.  Some of the issues have to do with the conditions of the train underpass at Main Street, street lamps that are out, complaints of speed and cut-throughs, etc.

In terms of the pedestrian safety issue, there are a number of things in the works already!  Officer Bauer . . . is really on top of this and can provide more detail and has some plans to alert motorists as they enter Metuchen that they need to be aware of and obey crosswalk laws.  Also, there are flyers to be handed out to pedestrians and motorists - he is procuring them.  Ideas were floated around about how to get the word out about the town taking its pedestrian safety seriously, and so there might be some publicity and perhaps the committee would have a presence at events like the Cruise Nights, Junebug, etc.  There are a couple of helpful "giveaways" (i.e., a high visibility tote bag with a pedestrian symbol and stop sign, reflective vest) that we might be able to make available to the public.

Several people have told me that they are interested in helping with any initiatives, and I am completing that list for the committee, but one thing that Mr. Lebar and Officer Bauer agreed would be extremely helpful right now is that anyone in Metuchen who experiences an incident should report it through the Borough website (see the link to the committee and form below).  This would help the police (and the committee) identify the "hotspots" that need to be addressed.  Too often attention isn't given to a crossing or situation until there is an accident, but if the public reports trouble in a particular area, then it can be evaluated."

If you have an issue to report, or want to volunteer on this safety mission, please click here. Thanks to Tyreen and the commission for making these serious issues a priority in town.

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