DPW Introduces New Curbside Collection Format Starting March 5

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Beginning Monday, March 5, 2012 the Public Works Department will be phasing in a new format to modify the current curb side collection system for automated recycling and sanitation. Residents will now be able to place their trash and recycling containers at the curb for collection on the same day each week according to their scheduled collection day. Residents will now be required to place all of their mixed news/junk mail and cardboard into their blue recycling containers with their commingled bottles and cans. 

Residents are also required to breakdown any cardboard boxes to ensure that all of your items fit into the recycling container. 

Cardboard and paper will no longer be permitted to be placed at the curb in any other container besides the blue automated can that all residents are currently utilizing for commingle products. Collection schedules at metuchennj.org

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