Evelyn Fuertes and from sprouts to supper Offers Health Coaching Here

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(photo courtesy of E. Fuertes at the BIl Chili Cookoff)

Metuchen is filled with well-educated people with interesting idea and entrepreneurial spirit who want to share their expertise with others and make their lives better in various ways. Evelyn Fuertes is one of those people--she has recently started a Health Coaching business called "from sprouts to supper." Check out her ad on our site under the menu bar. We wish her all the best in her new business.

Here's what Evelyn had to say when we asked for some details about her work:

The name comes from my gardening blog that quickly evolved into a health and wellness blog. I am passionate about health and wellness and believe that we have a great responsibility to the planet and future generations.

In my practice I take a holistic approach meaning that it's  not just aboutwhat you eat. Yes broccoli is important but just as important is yourcareer, exercise, spirituality and relationships. As a Health Coach Isupport people in setting smart goals on their journey to getting healthy.

I've always been interested in healthy living and found myself getting more into it after switching to a whole food plant-based diet 2 years ago. Ialso stared gardening at around the same time so that piqued my interest in growing my own food, organics and sustainability.

I am getting my Health Coaching education at the Institute for IntegrativeNutrition and have a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell. Tosee what I am about please feel free to check out my site and blog at fromsproutstosupper.com and for daily updates follow me on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/fromsproutstosupper

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