Metuchen Cash Mob Forming to Support Local Businesses March 24th

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 From Lynn Fitzgerald Kodila on Facebook:

On March 24th Metuchen will have a "CASH MOB". Which means we gather a large group to spend about $20 each in one store to support local economy. We would like to repeat this on several occasions so many stores can be "MOBBED". Support is welcomed through the day and customers are encouraged to shop at all hours. But, we will congregate at a "to be announced time" and MOB the store. Also, we will later announce which store will be first to be "MOBBED". Customers are encouraged to meet up after at a local eatery, pub or ice cream establishment. Let celebrate local business! 

More information to come but put aside that $20 and prepare to help out our local businesses! To join the MOB, check out the Facebook Metuchen Cash Mob page and join up! Put this address into your browser and mosey on over!


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