MHS Student Outreach Visits Whispering Hill

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Student Outreach visited Whispering Knolls senior center on Thursday, February 2nd. Students led a sing-along bringing musical selections and lyrics for familiar songs like "New York, New York", "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" and "Singing In The Rain". One resident of Whispering Knoll extemporaneously performed a solo of an Italian aria followed by a big applause.

Afterwards, the students sat introduced themselves. Residents shared fascinating stories with Student Outreach members. Including accounts of their recent 50 year wedding anniversaries, what high school was like when they were young, and, of course, how proud they are of their families.

Both the senior citizens and the coordinator at Whispering Knolls said they appreciate the visit and that Metuchen High School is welcome to visit again anytime. Student Outreach has plans to visit again in the spring. Ms. Wisniewski and Ms. Karger were impressed by the instant connection MHS students had with their hosts.

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