Edgar Students Find that Matter Matters in Rutgers Science Explorer Program

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sciencerutgers.jpgFrom Edgar School:
(Photo   (left to right)  Kristen Thomas and Marcella Schoner) 

Eighth grade students at Edgar Middle School participated in the Rutgers Science Explorer program last week.  This program provides students with a 90 minute  hands-on science program.   The Matter Matters program introduced students to the atomic nature of all matter, atomic particles and structures, the periodic table and atomic bonding.  The program, delivered by Rutgers University graduate students, offered visual and physical models that students used to develop an understanding of these important concepts.  Students were able to build elements such as Oxygen and Chlorine using particles representing protons, neutrons and electrons. The graduate students also shared interesting information about graduate school, their scientific research, and the careers open to them as a result of their studies.  Students from Mr. Ronk's, Mrs. Niemiera's, and Mrs. Korellis' Science 8 classes attended this interesting program. The Rutgers Science Explorer program is coordinated by Patricia Irizarry-Barreto, Ph.D.


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