Reuter of Traffic & Transport Committee Announces New Form

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From Tyreen Reuter, Traffic & Transportation Committee:

Since then I joined the borough's Traffic & Transportation Committee and have been trying to get accustomed to how things works and what could be done towards making our crosswalks safer.  Some of you have already sent in some ideas - one in particular (safety flags) from Lea Lanton, I am looking into and will be asking her to help also see if it could work here.   Other ideas include giving out pedestrian safety info possibly at a street fair or during Junebug or at the farmer's market.  There may also be some sort of giveaway - like a high visiblity tote.

[I want you to know] about the form on the borough website where you can submit complaints, near misses, concerns, etc.  Basically, unless the incident involves an accident and the police are called, there isn't any way for the borough to know where the "hot spots" are, or where to keep an eye out for close calls.  Also, it's not just near misses that should be reported - it should be concerns about unsafe areas also. 

So I encourage you all to use the form, and spread the word to everyone you know who walks or drives in Metuchen.  Here's a link to the form:

which is located on the Traffic & Transportation Committee page on the borough website, saying "Your comments and questions are welcome."

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