Salta Teams up with American Cancer Society's More Birthdays Program

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From Salta:

Salta! Jump Into Spanish, a NJ-based Spanish language and cultural enrichment program for children, announced today their support of the American Cancer Society's Movement for More Birthdays by donating a portion of their revenue from March 28, 2012 to March 28, 2013.

American Cancer Society's More Birthdays movement is dedicated to creating a world with less cancer and more birthdays.  It is estimated that 11 million cancer survivors will celebrate another birthday this year, thanks to the American Cancer Society's relentless work in early detection, cancer prevention, support during and after diagnosis, finding cures and rallying communities.

The impetus behind Salta's support is in celebration over founder Jacqueline Sanin's recent victory over cancer.  September 2011, Sanin dutifully and thankfully performed a mammogram only to discover that she had a mass.  Further investigation showed that she had stage II breast cancer.  She underwent a double mastectomy in October 2011 followed by several months of chemotherapy.  She was declared cancer free just a few weeks ago.

"This cause means obviously means a lot to me," Jackie Sanin said in a statement. "Many of us have had our lives personally impacted by some form of cancer, whether by a close friend, family member or you yourself.  We want to do everything we can to raise awareness and hopefully find a cure."What is so special about March 28th?  This March 28th, Sanin will celebrate her birthday as a breast cancer survivor.  "I know that I personally feel so blessed to be celebrating my upcoming birthday cancer free. I want that for others too," says Sanin.  In support of this movement, Salta will donate $5 for every student registration for the entire year. 


To learn more about the "More Birthdays" Campaign please visit:


To learn more about the Salta and review donation levels visit:

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