Edgar School Hosts Sally Frischberg, Survivor, in Holocaust Commemoration Day

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holocaust_remembrance_013.jpgAttached photo:  Mrs. Sally Frishberg with Teresa Tomasco, Angelique Dulin and Elena Gonzalez, 5th graders.

On April 12, Edgar Middle School has had the pleasure to host Mrs. Sally Frishberg, a Holocaust survivor.   Mrs. Frishberg has been coming to Metuchen for 19 years.   Over those years she has shared her story of courage and survival, in a way that is uplifting and enlightening.   Mrs. Frishberg goes into detail about how her little village in Poland became occupied by German soldiers. Sally explains, to a very eager audience, how her family was forced to quarter Nazi soldiers in their home. While there, one particular solder befriended her father. Through their nightly chess games, it was revealed what fate held for Sally and the others in her village. With this information, Sally's family fled and eventually ended up hiding in a friend's attic for over two years. Her story is compelling to say the least. We are grateful to Sally for sharing her story with the children of Metuchen and giving us all hope that even in world where terrible things happen there is good in some.

During Mrs. Frishberg's visit with the fifth grade students at Edgar Middle School, she shared a recent honor that took place on January 17, 2012 in Rzesz√≥w, Poland.  At an awards ceremony, Stanislaw Grocholski was posthumously honored for saving Frishberg's family when he hid them in his attic for over two years.  This honor was made possible through the application and documentation that was provided by Mrs. Frishberg on behalf of her family.  A delegation of 27 members of her family traveled to Poland in January as Mr. Grocholski was posthumously honored as "Righteous Among the Nations" for saving lives during the Holocaust.


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