Architectural Math at Edgar School

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vorensky+2012+046.jpgFrom Edgar School:
Mrs. Loren Schnitzer, who is a Project Manager for a company that provides professional technical services and mother of sixth grade student Cole, shared her expertise with  a group of 6th grade Edgar Middle School students through a presentation regarding the use of scale rulers with architectural plans.  The presentation included an overview of a new educational building with phased construction photographs.  The students then used architectural plans to scale the dimensions of walls that will have actual murals installed on them in the future.  Students were instructed in the use of scale rulers and reading construction plans. Through a generous grant from the Metuchen Education Foundation, Math Teacher, Mrs. Vorensky and Art Teacher, Mrs. Gumbrecht have been collaborating with a group of 6th and 8th grade students on creating a hall mural at Edgar School that applies the knowledge of scale and proportion.

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