Metuchen Farmers Market Profile: Meet Sunshine Farm Fresh Eggs!

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sunshinelabel.jpgMeet Sunshine Farm Fresh Eggs!

What started out as a few chickens for eggs to feed a family of 4 back in 1996 has turned into a flock of 70+ (that we'll admit to) 
happy hens that produce 4-5 dozen eggs/day.  And two very busy roosters! 

OakPond Farm is the name of the farm in Pittstown, NJ which has become the home of Sunshine Farm Fresh Eggs.  The name came from an 
observation by a good friend who said the beautiful vibrant yolks of the eggs reminded her of "sunshine".  We have several different
breeds of chickens, some of which lay brown, blue, green and pale pink eggs.  Oh, and yes, of course, we have a few of your basic white ones.

The girls live in a good-sized chicken house which required an addition a few years back to double its size.  They have a "safe" yard 
which is fenced and are out ranging around the farm as long as someone is around to keep an eye on them.  Unfortunately they're not a
well-kept secret from the local foxes and raccoons which have caused us great distress in the past.  They are fed premium layer chicken
feed with no antiobiotics or steroids.  They are not fed any meat products by us (although we can't vouch for what they "peck" up from
the yard).  Eggs are gathered throughout the day.

If you have never had a farm fresh egg, you owe it to yourself to try them.  There is a definite difference in the freshness and taste
that makes it hard to ever go back to store-bought eggs!!

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