MHS Literary Scholars Meet Carol Plum-Ucci at Metuchen Library

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chris_creed_and_public_library.jpgOn Sunday April 29, 2012 award-winning Young Adult author Carol Plum-Ucci (seated on the right) visited the Metuchen Public Library. Among her audience were 18 students from Metuchen High School who read her novel The Body of Christopher Creed in their 11th grade English class.  Also attending the event were the Metuchen School's Supervisor of English and Social Studies Mr. Ed Porowski (standing on the left), who arranged for the class to participate in the event at the Library, and Ms. Chris Rockwell (standing on the right), of the Metuchen High School English Department, who taught the book. Students were able to ask in-depth questions about the work and the writing of it. The students had also written about the work on the YA Library blog at -- check out their work, too!

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