Family of Artists Featured at Junebug Friday Night

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Bobbie Colegrove, whose family of three are working artists, will be at Junebug this Friday. She sent us a little inside info into this creative family:

Sarah's talent was not discovered until the age of 12 when I saw her drawing of Queen Amadala (from Star Wars). I signed her up for art lessons at Creative Images to hone her skills. She did great and we encouraged her progress. Later, she took commercial art at Gibbs School, which was based in Piscataway at the time (it is no longer there). She did many fine works of art and graduated with honors.

Selynda and Josiah (a.k.a. P.J.) were both encouraged from a very early age. By the time each was at least 3 years of age, I noticed how they were doing just as I had told them to do: Draw what you see and how you're seeing it. Josiah would often copy what Selynda was drawing and he did so well that at times, I couldn't tell which child had drawn what (they are 3 years apart, so he was drawing at a level for a child who was 3 years older than he was).

I remember a rude remark written by someone in my children's guest book (which was online) back in 2001 or so when Selynda was about 6 and P.J. was about 3. The person said that I should take away my children's crayons and tell them they can't draw. I, of course, refused to do so and just kept encouraging them to "draw what they see and how they see it.Neither of my 2 younger children had any formal art lessons.

Earlier, I had put together a collage called, "Through the Yearsfor both Selynda and Josiah, showing the artistic progress of children. NEVER discourage a child from drawing, ALWAYS encourage them!

See their work today:





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