Moss School Walk-a-Thon for Breaking the Chain

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(Pictured in photo are Metuchen Director of Curriculum, Richard Cohen, and Metuchen High School teacher, Evan Robbins, along with high school and kindergarten students from Metuchen.)

From Moss School:

On June 12, 2012, the kindergarten classes at Moss School, Metuchen, will be holding a Walk-A-Thon to support the Breaking the Chain through Education, and to help build a school in Awate-Tornu, Ghana.  This event will capstone Moss School's instructional programming to support the schools' goals and students' learning in the areas of geography, culture and character education.   

As a preview to Moss School's Walk-A-Thon, Mr. Evan Robbins (organizer of Breaking the Chain through Education, an organization which provides funding for schools in Ghana)  and his student leaders from Metuchen High School visited on May 31, 2012 and prepared an assembly for the kindergarteners consisting of African dances, songs, and an age-appropriate PowerPoint presentation on cultural similarities and differences.  The students were able to compare schools, games, houses and clothing of Ghana with those of the United States.  The high school student leaders facilitated small group discussions with the kindergarten students about the presentation and the importance of helping others.

The kindergarteners at Moss School are excited to participate in this year's Walk-A-Thon to raise funds and awareness for a school in Awate-Tornu, Ghana.  "Students helping students learn."

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