Satori Summer Open House June 23rd From 1-3 to Benefit Amandla Crossing

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Would YOU have thought that being "green" and getting good grades had anything to do with Mixed Martial Arts practice? Well, meet Nancy Walzog - owner of Satori Academy - she thinks that the martial arts offers an opportunity for all people of all ages, an opportunity to not only learn something exciting about themselves but become better and more accomplished members of their community as well.

Nancy Walzog, owner of Satori Academy at Tano Mall, is a renowned teacher and practitioner of mixed martial arts. Her programs at the Academy are not only popular because of their obvious physical benefits and the mental health that comes from a practice of strength and high personal expectations but they also reflect concern for the community-at-large. Personal projects such as anti-bullying campaigns for school-age students and charitable events that benefit organizations like Amandla Crossing and Soles for Souls offer an opportunity for even the youngest martial arts student to see how the elements of practicing care and consideration in their physical life can have a huge effect on the way they interact with the rest of their world. And this sets Nancy's work apart from most other teachers.

"This was a bigger passion for me than my film career," Nancy explained--that career at Tapestry International included an Academy Award for her 2000 documentary "King Gimp,''' the story of a young artist with cerebral palsy, and two Emmys for Outstanding Children's Series for "Assignment Discovery''' and "Greatest Inventions with Bill Nye." After all this success, and with two young sons at home, Nancy decided that it was a good time to move on to making this passion for the martial arts something that was more integral to her life.  Having been a part of a martial arts organization to which the Satori Academy was a member, she was approached by one of the company's founders to take over their East Coast schools (there is one in Milltown as well).

Her schools are now celebrating five years of great success. She is hoping to offer additional programs like adult fitness classes while kids are doing karate, expanding her summer programs and doing weekly day camps, which will help students hone attributes for other sports, like soccer, baseball and golf.  Nancy and Satori's instructors are supported by an outstanding team of student volunteers.

Nancy says it best on their website: "The curriculum at Satori Academy is a unique blend of leading martial arts styles and places strong emphasis on valuable life skills such as perseverance, focus and self-discipline. The result: As students learn highly effective self-defense techniques, they experience new levels of confidence and empowerment.  For children, this means better grades in school and better behavior at home. Teens gain a level of clarity that gives them a huge advantage in dealing with the complexities in their lives. And for adults, this translates directly to increased success in business and more fulfilling personal relationships." She incorporates merit stars for healthy eating, community work, reading, environmental awareness, and report card progress into the requirements for moving up to the Junior Black Belt level of martial arts practice. Last year students took a 'green pledge' which gave them an opportunity to see themselves as perpetrators of ecologically sound practices, even in their young lives. "I want to look at self-defense from a more practical, holistic point of view," Walzog said - and these types of programs surely support her massive efforts in this direction. She also incorporates summer safety tips into classes as they move into the school-free summer months.

Satori offers martial arts classes for all ages starting as young as three.  It also has a vibrant adult program as well offering a blended program of Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Doce Pares Escrima, the preeminent Filipino weapons style. It also offers FAST Defense, the self-defense program voted Best Self-Defense for Women by the readers of Black Belt Magazine. There doesn't seem to be anything that Satori can't offer their clients - including SatoriFIT, its new general fitness bootcamp and fitness kickboxing programs.

The academy's latest outreach program will be a Summer Open House on Saturday June 23rd from 1:00 - 3:00 pm to benefit Amandla Crossing.  Families in the community are encouraged to come try out interactive martial arts classes for all ages, enjoy a Power Ranger bounce house, and bring a household item to donate.

All in all, Satori has found a viable community to interact with here in Metuchen and Edison and we can all look forward to the big plans Nancy and Satori have for our community!


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