What's Up with The District?

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I called and said I was interested in the state of the undergoing development project. I was told that there are permits waiting to be approved and . . . well maybe this summer . . . . As the traffic drives by that space, with its flapping sign, now years old, telling us how wonderful the District will be, it seems a shame that it's still just an empty space surrounded by a fence. With all the talk about the Pearl Street lot development, you would think someone would notice that there is this adjoining development that isn't moving forward. 

Given the excitement this summer over Junebug, the expanded Farmers' Market, the activities at the Old Franklin School through the BIL, it seems to be a good time to talk once again about trying to help fill up all those vacant buildings on Main Street. With the chocolate shop and Welcome Home gone or almost gone, don't we all hope that the Peruvian restaurant in the Tooley's space and the new yogurt shop that is under construction have greater success and stay a while? As more people come downtown for all these wonderful planned events, let's hope that it encourages the combined efforts of landlords and politicians in town to ensure that over the coming year we have nothing but forward development on Main Street and in Metuchen in general.

Their website isn't updated. The last picture they have of the Lake Avenue and 27 corner still has the old buildings on it. What do you think is happening with the District? 

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