Janna Morishima Demonstrates Good Taste at Summerhouse This August

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This month, Janna Morishima from Kyo Morishima Photography will be presenting two separate workshops as part of the Borough Improvement League's Summerhouse for the Arts -- a highly successful summer series of special workshops, art programs and other exciting unique events, most of which have been presented to Metuchenites for the first time through this program. The fun continues with Janna's August workshops. (Check out http://www.boroughimprovementleague.org/12.html for full information) 

At 7 pm on Tuesday, August 14th, she'll lead a workshop on "How to Create a Gorgeous Photo Book. In this workshop, she'll go through seven simple steps to ensure your book turns out beautifully, and she'll offer some photography tips from her husband, Kyo.

At 11 am on Saturday, August 25th, she'll do a cooking demo, "How to Pack a Bento Box Lunch [link: http://www.facebook.com/events/415645951800487/]," as part of Metuchen Market Day's culinary series. She'll demonstrate a few classic bento box recipes and discuss Japanese principles of healthy lunch-making.

Below is a short Q&A with Janna.

MM: Can you tell us a little more about what you'll be teaching in your Photo Book workshop?

Janna: Sure! In my evening workshop on August 14th, "How to Create a Gorgeous Photo Book," I will be breaking down the steps to designing and producing a professional-quality illustrated book. My husband, Kyo Morishima, specializes in documentary photography, and I have a background in publishing, so we are constantly creating books for our clients: everything from traditional wedding albums formatted as books to custom children's picture books and cookbooks. Through trial and error, I've refined my process and hopefully it will be helpful for other people who have their own book projects or ideas.

MM: Will you be discussing a specific photo book printer?

Janna: Actually, I will go over the pros and cons of a whole list of different printers. What I've discovered is that there is no single "best" printer for an illustrated book - it depends on the goal and purpose of your book.

MM: Can you tell us more about your Bento Box workshop?

Janna: My cooking demo on Saturday morning, August 25th, "How to Pack a Bento Box Lunch," is not directly related to my everyday work - but it is certainly a passion of mine! Cooking is my hobby.

Kyo is originally from Japan, and for the first several years we were married, I was actually too intimidated to cook Japanese dishes. The ingredients were so unfamiliar and I can't read Japanese. But eventually I started trying simple recipes, and the more I practiced, the more I realized that home-style Japanese cooking is actually not difficult at all. And I became particularly interested in bento box lunch recipes because I pack my daughter's lunch every day and I wanted to make it healthy and delicious - which is exactly what Japanese bento boxes are.

MM: Will it be an interactive workshop? Will we be able to make our own bento boxes to bring home?

Janna: That would be great! But no, it will be more of a demonstration than a hands-on lesson. It's only an hour and so I'll spend about 45 minutes showing a couple of different recipes, and then I'll pass out tastings. The tasting part is always fun!

For more information, please contact info@kyomorishima.com

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