Hey, Kids, Get Back to School Safely -- And Parents, Slow Down at Crosswalks!

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It's the beginning of the new school year so GOOD LUCK, STUDENTS, TEACHERS AND PARENTS! And now that the quiet streets of summertime are giving way to the crowded crosswalks of autumn, DRIVERS BEWARE! Make sure that you slow down for those in the crosswalks -- some rampant disregard of crosswalk laws put some of our townspeople in danger over the last few months and this is a great time to reconsider how important good driving skills are in town.

A group of concerned citizens, including members of the Board of Education and the Traffic and Transportation Commission, are looking into ways in which crosswalk safety can be maximized. Feel free to share your ideas about what could improve this situation by checking out the Metuchen Matters Facebook page or commenting here on the site. More information will be coming in the next few days about the committee and its plans for a safer future for our children and all pedestrians.

Check out these links for the rumblings of what has the potential to be a much larger citizen movement and for the newly-formed Bike-Walk Metuchen group.

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  • Tyreen Reuter: Also, check out: https://www.facebook.com/MetuchenitesForImprovedPedestrianSafety?ref=hl read more

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