Boy Scout Pack 15 Looking for Boys to be Cub Scouts

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Pack 15 is a small pack which provides personal attention to the boys while teaching them to "do their best".  We meet at the First Presbyterian Church Social Center on Woodbridge Avenue in Metuchen.  Our smaller size helps keep the meeting structured and under an hour.

The Cub Scouting program takes place at two levels.  Your son will be a part of a den; a small group of boys in the same grade level who meet on a regular basis.  All dens, from grades 1 through 5, make up a pack.  Once a month, the dens, with their families, are together at the pack meeting, where boys show off their new skills they have learned during the month and are recognized for the badges they have earned.

Upcoming Activities

Some activities already planned for this year are:

November - Overnight Camping Trip

December - Winter Parade

January - Pinewood Derby

February - Winter Camping Trip

May - Memorial Day Parade

June - Summer Camping Trip

Meetings have already begun.  Please contact Jaime Lijeron at for more information

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