Breaking the Chain Completes One School -- School 2 on the Way

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Breaking the Chain Through Education, a non-profit initiative run by Metuchen High teacher Evan Robbins, has built a school in Awate Tornu, Ghana. In return for building the school, the village released 19 trafficked children. "We were having difficulty placing teachers in the village because it was a 5k walk each way. We have now completed fundraising to build teacher housing for four teachers," Robbins announced on Facebook. They received a $20,000 donation to complete the fundraising for the teachers' quarters. This completes the fundraising for Awate Tornu and they are now looking forward to working on our second village. A trip to Ghana is in the works for the winter.

To make a donation to their ongoing efforts, please click here:

Breaking the Chain explains their mission as follows:

We are an organization that aims to help eradicate child slave trafficking through the building of schools in impoverished regions in Ghana. By establishing schools in destitute villages, we provide local fisherman and their children with educational opportunities and alternative ways of earning their living; in exchange the trafficked children they employ are set free and returned to life with their families

We believe that all children have the right to freedom and to be educated; our funds are dedicated to the physical building and maintenance of local schools that serve to educate the child population of regions where child slavery is common, in the hopes of diminishing its reach and helping to eliminate some of its root causes. In addition, our funds enable the school to be successful by providing all necessary equipment, uniforms, and curricular materials.

Our mission is to provide funding for schools in Ghana, in partnership with local populations that contribute in ways they can, and thereby become committed to their success. We intend for our schools to be a source of local pride, and an integral part of their communities. Our schools are staffed and built by members of the country in which they are located. We strive for the children of these regions--many otherwise doomed to a life of enslavement--to be educated in schools that provide an environment of integrity, compassion, and dedication to knowledge."

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