Joey D's on Restaurant Stakeout on Food Network TONIGHT

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stakeout.jpgFrom Joey D's Facebook page:

A message to all of our customers:
We understand some of you may be concerned with the fact that we were filmed by Food Network. Food Network visited Joey D's to film "Restaurant Stakeout", we aren't going to spoil the episode for you but we can assure you that they found nothing wrong with our food safety practices. Restaurant Stakeout is a show that focuses primarily on the way the staff is behaving and how that is impacting the customer experience. Food Network features shows, such as "Restaurant Impossible" and "Health Inspectors" that focus on failing restaurants and poor sanitary conditions and we can assure you that we are both successful and follow stringent food safety policies.
Serving our customers safe and delicious food are our top priorities and we would never sacrifice the safety of our customers to save a few dollars. We were all impacted by hurricane sandy in New Jersey. At Joey D's we did have to discard all perishables as even with power, we were closed for far too long to save anything (fresh produce, poultry, dough, etc.) 
Since announcing the upcoming episode of Restaurant Stakeout we have seen quite a bit of buzz on facebook, we hope that everyone whom has seen the announcement will have a chance to read this message.
Thanks for being a part of Joey D's, we look forward to serving you.
If you have any questions or concerns we are all human, please email us directly ( we promise to write back, if you prefer a phone call, email us your name and phone number and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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