Junebug Needs 2013 Chairperson -- LaStella and Sielski Offer Details on Moving Forward

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Thumbnail image for Junebuggraphic.jpegLinda LaStella has made it official: she will be stepping down as the Chairperson of the Junebug ArtFest. In order for Junebug to continue, it will need a strong and supportive chairperson who will work with the Chamber to make those four Fridays in June the exciting and colorful events that we've come to love.

Linda said that "ArtFest is really an opportunity to 'be creative in a large way'...To Chair the Junebug opens possibilities for people who do not see themselves creating with words or paint or clay, but who can take ideas, collaborate with many others and CREATE something very new . . . creativity that attempts to serve not only artists of every sort, but all the visitors and store owners in the town...lots of divergent people!" She stressed that "it is a great way to serve the community."

Although everyone involved agrees that Linda was a strong leader with a vision that truly came to life, she thinks that too much of the same leadership can stall a I see the event: "it really needs an infusion of fresh vision.  I personally am a real proponent of TERMS...to be wholly dedicated to whatever I am involved with...but for a specified, limited time.  For an event, an organization to thrive, I do not believe it is healthy or growthful for the same person to continue to lead it.  If it is to move forward, new vision, new approaches must be had."

She appreciated the opportunity to create such a much-enjoyed event: "For me personally, I am so thrilled to have had the response to the ArtFest that I did...and the support and work of an amazing group of people...but I cannot do it again.  It did take a tremendous amount of energy...and now I am deep into developing and directing the new Nails in the Wall, the Gallery at St. Luke's and working to get our NOW FOUR permanent galleries collaborating and advertising together...it's very exciting!" LaStella added, "
It has been a pleasure to coordinate last year's event with all of you and I know 2013 will be a fantastic year! I want to thank Duffy Dillinger so much for the gift of her Junebug to the community and of course, Marty Jessen for allowing us use of his land to gaze at the friendly bug every day when we pull into work here at the Chamber."

Angela Sielski, the Executive Director of the Chamber wants to ensure the new chair that they will not be alone in the preparation of this massive event. "That person is never alone in planning. Linda and I worked closely together along with each subcommittee head to make this event possible. It is a shared position and we can rely on past experiences and advice from Linda and this office to transition to a new Chairperson. So if you are thinking about it... if you feel a passion for the BUG... don't be intimidated! We are all here to help and want the event to continue to thrive!"
Junebug was named the Chamber's Organization of the Year and it will be made official at an  awards ceremony in March 2013 at the Pines Manor. If you are interested in further information about what being at the helm of Junebug would entail, contact the Chamber at the link on this site.

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