School Board Elections DIscussion at BofE Meeting TONIGHT

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The Metuchen Board of Education meeting for Wednesday, January 23: a discussion of the pros and cons of moving the April school elections to the November political elections. Among other  changes, this will eliminate the public's vote on the budget. Everyone is invited to attend the meeting in the Metuchen High School cafeteria at 8 PM.

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Metuchen Matters,
Thank you for spreading the word to Metuchenites to get involved and voice their opinions on this important issue that will affect our schools for years to come.

But please note: CQE has no opinion on the issue of changing the date of the election at this point. There will be a presentation by an ad hoc committee of BOE members at tomorrow night's meeting which will highlight the pros and cons of the change. There will be an opportunity for all BOE members and for the public to ask questions at the meeting and voice an opinion.

More information: At this point, CQE's message is just for the community to become involved in this issue. The Board of Education will consider the many implications of a decision to keep or change the election date. The law states that changing the date to November means keeping the date in November for 4 years. The decision will be made by the members of the BOE who welcome input from the community.
Kathy Liss, CQE Vice-President

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