MHS Italian Independent Study Program Welcomes Speakers

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Dr. Rosann Kamin's  Italian Independent Study class hosted a visit on Thursday, January 10th, by an Italian high school student.  Metuchen resident Dora Labate and her niece, Sylvia Chiantera , shared the life of a  high school student in Italy and compared it to school life in the United States. The students had the opportunity to chat and ask questions in the target language about school subjects, types of music, travel and many other topics.   The students left with a better understanding of life in Italy.


Another visit to the Italian program that day was 2012 MHS graduate, Safi Ali-Kahn, majoring in Romance languages at NYU.  He wrote a book of Spanish poems and dedicated this work to Dr. Rosann Kamin.  Mary Lou Roma, Supervisor of Music,  commented that "Safi Ali-Khan was a key member of our Spanish and Music departments and graduate in June.  He visited MHS and he gave Dr. Kamin a copy of his book.  This is the 'good stuff' in life and speaks volumes about the impact teachers have on students." 


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