New Jersey Orators Showcased Skills and Issues

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From New Jersey Orators/Jennifer Wilner (Metuchen resident):

On Saturday, March 16, 2013 at the Freehold Microsoft Store, four New Jersey Orators were showcased to announce a unique partnership offering between the New Jersey Orators, Inc. (NJO) and KiDz HuB Media Network. Freehold Microsoft Store shoppers heard oratory presentations by Xavier Hargrove, Schyler Hoard, Chad Smith and Makenzie Swann during a two-hour live show produced by KiDz HuB. The four young Orators represented the Lakewood and Freehold Chapters of NJO. The Lakewood Chapter Orators presented poems by Carol Boston. Xavier Hargrove presented the poem "Remember the Bridge" and Orator Makenzie Swann presented the poem "I am the Bridge." Freehold Chapter Orator Schyler Hoard presented dramatic interpretations on the impact of bullying entitled "Why Me" by Shannen Hoskins and "Cyberbullying." And Freehold Chapter Orator Chad Smith presented Thurgood Marshall's speech "Brown vs Board of Education." "It always amazes me when I hear our young Orators perform with such heart and soul." stated NJO Co-Founder, Eloise Samuels. The partnership offering of KiDz HuB and NJO is the first of its kind between the two organizations. As part of the partnership, KiDz HuB intends to highlight the New Jersey Orators organization for their work over the last 28 years in shaping the future of youth in New Jersey.

KiDz HuB has offered a partnership to NJO that would  award four outstanding Orators per month with the opportunity to be heard on the KiDz HuB flagship station, KZUB.  From the partnership, participating Orators will  also have the opportunity to be featured in recorded public service announcements and advertisements that will be aired on KiDz HuB stations. Participating Orators will also have opportunities to be featured in monthly webinars and to receive recognition awards and certificates from KiDz HuB. "We look forward to the partnership and greatly appreciate the extension of KiDz HuB stations, resources and mentors to showcase our Orators." stated New Jersey Orators Co-Founder Jim Hunter.

New Jersey Orators is a non-profit volunteer organization founded in1985 that teaches the art of public speaking, an appreciation for literature, and provides reading literacy workshops to youth seven to eighteen. The organization has 20 chapters in New Jersey and Pennsylvania that serve over 500 youth. Bi-annual competitions and literacy workshops are facilitated with the help of over 200 volunteer coaches and almost 100 volunteer judges. In November 2000, The Wall Street Journal named the New Jersey Orators as one of the "Best Run Volunteer Organization in the Nation." Individual Orator and chapter achievements are celebrated each spring as part of the annual fundraiser and awards luncheon. The 2013 luncheon will be held on May 18th at New Brunswick High School from 2-5 pm. To find out how you can provide support or get involved, please visit the New Jersey Orators' website at or call 732-846-5011.

KiDz HuB(tm) Media Network is a youth organization that focuses on using media and innovative learning techniques to empower and educate youth. The KiDz HuB Network  introduces youth to the world of broadcast media while building confidence, self esteem and communication skills. The organization's mission involves setting up web-based and low powered fm radio and internet stations in schools, community centers and clubs that are fully run by youth under adult supervision. A network of media professionals provide mentorship, training and support to junior broadcasters. KiDz HuB Media Network operates several online radio stations including it's flagship KiDz HuB Radio (KZUB) based in New Jersey. Their Caribbean stations ATPS and PMPS operate from Jamaica.To find out how you can provide support or get involved, please visit their website at or call 888-420-3884.

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