What do you think about Co-working space in Metuchen?

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Jason Delia, a Web Developer who lives in town and works from home most days, is proposing a Co-working Space in Metuchen. Great idea for freelancers and work-from-homers who need a good place to work from -- what do you think? As someone who works freelance from home, I LOVE the idea about separating work and home life! Would you use this? Check out their link here.

Here's what Jason told MM about how this came to be:

My family and I moved to Metuchen in 2011. We loved the easily walk-able downtown with its shops and restaurants, easy access to NY via the train and the fantastic school system. We also love the sense of community and have enjoyed the parades, Junebug, the farmers market, the summer concert series and all the other events in town. I can't wait to help coach my son's t-ball team next month.

I've been a Web Developer for over ten years. I can work from anywhere as long as I have my laptop and an internet connection but most days I work from my home office. I'll occasionally try Brewed Awakening or Panera for a change of scene but places like those aren't exactly the ideal working environment. While working remotely full time is fantastic for work-life-balance it is difficult not to feel isolated.

Coworking attempts to solve these problems by bringing together independent individuals like me into one space where we can work on our projects in a professional environment but also share ideas with the other coworkers, quickly get help or ask for a second opinion, or simply network and make business connections.

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