Death by Improv $5 Ticket at To Be Continued Every Thursday Night

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Mick Murtha, of Death By Improv, Middlesex County's home for improv comedy since 2005, gave MM the lowdown on the group's work. They appear the last Thursday night of every month at To Be Continued . . . here's what he told MM:

What is Improv? Improv Comedy, short for Improvisational Comedy, is made up entirely on the spot. Fun games and scenes based on audience suggestions, and created from the combined imaginations of our players.

Since January, we've been performing the last Thursday of each month at To Be Continued ... Bookstore, Boutique & Cafe, which is located at 431 Main Street. Our next show there is April 25, at 7:30pm. There is a 5.00 cover charge at the door. We perform what is commonly referred to as "short form" improv, meaning we play games similar in style to what you may have seen on the television show Whose Line Is It 

Anyway? We also offer classes in improv, which we hold at the Forum Theatre at 314 Main Street. We offer an eight week program where students learn games and exercises that will teach the fundamental skills of improvisational acting and comedy, learn to create a scene from a simple suggestion, and to play that scene within the games of Short Form Improv. Our current Improv Foundations class just began this week, and we should be holding another class (or classes) sometime in the early summer.

Death By Improv has taken the act on the road a few times, having been selected to perform at the Richmond Improv Festival (2008 and 2009), at the Gainesville Improv Festival (2009 and 2010), and at the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival (2011 and 2012). 

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