Moving Van Needed for Transferring Donated Goods

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As some of you may know, throughout Hurricane Sandy, I tried to use this website and the accompanying Facebook page as a means of communication between people who needed help and those who could offer it. That continues to this day as many Sandy-ravaged families continue to try to get back on their feet. Recently, a local woman and her MHS0-attending daughter were able to find a rental in town so that they could move out of the shelter they were living in as temporary housing. I put out the call for furniture for them this weekend, hoping that people would have leftover items from the Townwide Garage Sale that they would be willing to donate to her. Metuchen is a gracious and generous place and offers came in for everything she could need. HOWEVER, now I need to transport these items to her from their original owners.

Unfortunately, I only own a small sedan and cannot handle larger items like sofas or beds. A few good friends have offered to help but I need a moving van and some brawn to transport a few of the larger items to this deserving woman who is getting her life back in order. If you have a moving van, a truck or know someone who does, I would appreciate knowing about it. It would take about an hour or so of their time but I cannot afford to pay for a moving truck at this time to help her out yet I don't want her to lose these items because people need them out of their homes.

If you can help, please email And if you know someone who is in a similar situation and needs help, please also forward that information to this email and I will do whatever I can to get them the items they need. Thanks, Metuchen!!

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