Alumni College Fair at MHS Gives Students Peer Guidance

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From the Superintendent's Office:

The Metuchen Student Alumni College Fair began in May of 2006 when the class of 2005 returned to Metuchen High School to act as admission representatives for their respective colleges.  The alumni brought brochures and enthusiasm to their former schoolmates in a fair-like setting. The high school students were very interested in hearing about the alumni's freshmen experience and what they needed to do to get into the colleges they were most interested in attending.  As the program grew the Metuchen guidance department saw how former peers could  influence and impact the college admission process.  Question and answer sessions were developed by the guidance department targeting the needs of each grade. 

The freshmen and sophomore session are geared toward academic performance and resume building. The alumni encourage the freshmen and sophomore students to earn good grades and to participate in extracurricular and community service activities for every grade throughout high school.  For high school juniors the alumni focus on the application process, including the importance of college visits, the essay and on not procrastinating in submitting applications.  The alumni discuss their freshmen experience with high school seniors: making friends, roommate issues, self-discipline in structuring study time, and timeliness of writing their papers.  The sessions end with the alumni sharing their email for future questions  with the high school students who were their peers only a year or two ago.


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