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MetuchenHigh Compliments is a Facebook page started by someone who wishes to go unnamed at this time to give MHS students a chance to say nice things to each other anonymously online. Instead of the usual mocking and bullying, there is kindness, complimenting and support for each other's work and talents and personalities. Awesome page -- check it out and friend them! Here's what they wrote to me:

MetuchenHigh Compliments
3:52pm May 9
Hi Jana Siciliano, Thanks for your appreciation! I am a co-host of this page with one other person who originally created it and asked me to co-host it with them. When I asked how they came up with the idea, they said "There are too many people who are under-appreciated in the school who walk around with a very gloomy look on their faces. As much as they don't say so, they would like to be acknowledged. Everyone really does." Which I think is the whole purpose of the page and is why I was honored when they asked me to co-host it with them. However, all of the praise should not be sent to us. The students of Metuchen High are the ones who have contributed the kind comments you see listed on the page. My co-host and I would like to remain anonymous however to keep the page going and keep people sending in comments without knowing who we are. Thanks again!

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