Metuchen's Molly Weidmaier Performing in FRECKLEFACE STRAWBERRY, coming this June

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molly.pngJill Justin competition dancer and Metuchen resident Molly Weidmaier, 12,  has been selected to perform in the dance troupe which graces the stage of FRECKLEFACE STRAWBERRY, the musical based on Julianne Moore's picture book of the same name - the production will be performed at two different venues in June. MM talked to Molly about her work and this great new opportunity! Congratulations to her and the entire cast -- get your tickets now!

With competition and school, how do you manage your time?

I am used to dancing every night at JJDA, so I always do my homework as soon as I get home from school.  We don't have any more competitions until July so that helps.  

What is Freckleface Strawberry about?

It's about a girl with red hair and freckles that gets bullied.  The story is about learning to love who you are.  

How does dance figure into the production?

I think it helps tell the story in a way that people will listen.

How long have you been dancing? 

I started dancing when I was four and when I was nine I started dancing on Company at JJDA. 

What's your greatest performing experience so far?

Two years ago when our Grand Line went to Nationals and won the Battle of the Stars and became a National Champion. 

What is the next big thing you would like to accomplish after this?


Here is the link to the site:

Current Performance Dates:

Saturday June 8th - George Street Playhouse New Brunswick 11 & 2

Saturday June 15th - Alexander Kasser Theater - Montclair State University 11& 2

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