To Be Continued Sponsors Kinetic Reading June 28th

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MM asked the founders of "Kinetic" to discuss their book concept prior to their reading at To Be Continued . . . June 28th. Here's what they had to say for themselves:

Gregory "Herro" Raymond grew up in New Jersey until graduating from high school. After that, he lived in Florida for four years where he attended college, earning a degree in graphic design and fine arts. He then came up with the concept for "Kinetic," in 2003, where it went by a different name.  He spent the next several years building the story of "Kinetic."

Laz Matech
has lived his life in New Jersey, mostly in a small town known as South River. He always found writing interesting but not the reading side of literature as much. Laz got into the car industry where he sold vehicles alongside Gregory "Herro" Raymond. The two spent the next two years rigorously coming together to co-write the action-pack romance, "Kinetic."

Now, the two of us spend a lot of our days honing our skills as writers to bring our readers the next installment in the "Kinetic" series. It has been a crazy experience breaking out into the literary world, and we've had our fair share of ups and downs. Throughout it all we have developed a strong friendship and found a hobby we both genuinely enjoy. We don't write for the money, but to see our vision come to life.

Both of us grew up on superheroes that helped define a generation. We want to pay homage to the fictional legends that taught us being a good guy isn't always the coolest or easiest choice, but it is by far the most morally rewarding one.

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