Eleven-year-Old Author Reads From Latest Work at To Be Continued . . .

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Young artists in town are participating like crazy in Junebug this year. On June 28th, at To Be Continued . . . , Alexis Wilner from Edison will be reading from her self-published book, "The Public Speaking Life of Alex Tins." Alexis, however, is only eleven years old. MM asked her to take us through her process and answer some questions about this remarkable achievement.

What is your book titled and what is it about?

The title of my book is; The Public Speaking Life of Alex Tins.
 Alex Tins knows how to speak publicly , and take care of troubles. From surprise public speaking events to no electric, she has it all on the back of her hand. With her trusty best friend supporting her on the stage, and her little puppy with her along the way, Alex is unstoppable.

How long did you work on it?

Approximately 4 months.

What inspired the idea?

I was sitting down one night and just started writing because I was bored. I like to write. 

Why did you decide to publish it yourself?


I  decided to self-publish because I wanted to share my book in a professional way, not just a bunch of pieces of paper stapled together.

How did you feel when you first opened the box and saw your own book?

I was shocked, at first, then was extremely happy, almost crying, that this was something that I was able to accomplish.

At the reading, will you read the whole thing?

At the reading I will share a segment of the book.

What's your next work going to be about?

I have a few ideas, but I'm not ready to share them publicly yet.


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