Whistling Wolf Farm Returns to Metuchen Farmers Market This Weekend

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LogoCFinal.jpgHelen Chandler from Whistling Wolf Farm, another Metuchen Farmers Market mainstay, sent MM the following responses to questions concerning the company's inspiration, its best product and why WWF loves to come to Metuchen! 
Here is what she said:

I carry a deep love of the natural world and a desire to help people be happy and healthy, farming ended up being the fusion of these two driving factors. That is how Whistling Wolf Farm was came about. I have thought for a long time that if people had a closer relationship with their food, they would better understand the need to care for our living environment, and would want to do just that. By growing, and then selling, transitional organic vegetables, I get the opportunity to talk to people every week about where their food comes from, the energy that goes into it, and the energy that it gives to us. I feel that every one of these conversations moves us as a whole towards a more caring relationship to the natural systems that provide our food, clean water, clean air, and our place in the world. 

 I think that our most unique product is the ginger. I can't imagine going a season without it, and since I am growing it, then why not share the joy? Fresh ginger is nothing like the ginger that you can buy in the store. It is incredibly aromatic, when you cut through it, it's as smooth as cutting through a clove of garlic, and it is beautiful. But the biggest part about the ginger is the flavor. What a delight to mince it and mix it into yogurt, or dice it and cook it into greens. It is as refreshing to taste as it is to smell. I can't wait for it to be ready. 

Ever since I first visited Metuchen, getting ice cream on a summer afternoon, I have loved it. Filled with great people and great community, it is a wonderful place to be and I am looking forward to becoming part of it.

Helen Wolfe Chandler
POB 501
Three Bridges, NJ 08887

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