BreezyPoint.Org Created by Local Teen to Help out Sandy Victims

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Former Metuchen councilman Christopher Morrison and his family have started a charity organization to raise money for the devastated families at Breezy Point in Queens, hit so hard during Hurricane Sandy. Daughter Mary created a website with all the information regarding their endeavor. Here is their mission statement and a link to their website, if you would like to buy a tee shirt and help them in their cause:

We are the Morrison family and spend most of our summers down at Breezy Point. My name is Mary and I am sixteen. My brother Tom (15) and I are the organizers of Rebuild Breezy. Our younger siblings love helping us with fundraising and selling t-shirts. 

Last summer we began selling T-shirts out of a beach wagon after Sunday masses at St. Edmonds and St. Thomas churches. Instead of getting summer jobs we designed a simple logo and ordered T-shirts. We sold these shirts in red, white and blue to reflect the strong patriotism of the Breezy Point community. These T-shirt sales were a great success. 

We have been visiting Breezy every summer since we can remember. The first time that we went down after the storm, my brother and I felt that there must be something we could do to help get Breezy back in shape for summer. Because of the successful t-shirt sales last summer, we thought it would be a great idea to sell t-shirts and collect donations to be given to the Co-op for repairs. We designed a new logo for the Rebuild Breezy Shirts and plan on selling them this summer. 

Our main goal is to donate a portion of our profit to Breezy Point to help rebuild the playgrounds that were destroyed in the storm. 

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