Much Ado About Nothing and The Attack at the Forum This Weekend

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Continuing On Our Screen...  MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING
Thursday & Friday 7:30 Saturday 5pm & 7pm Sunday @ 3pm
Shakespeare's classic comedy is given a contemporary spin in Joss Whedon's film, "Much Ado About Nothing".
Lighthearted to a fault, Much Ado's giddy energy and intimate charm make for an entertaining romantic comedy -- and a Shakespearean adaptation that's hard to resist. 
"Within the first 10 minutes of Joss Whedon's "Much Ado About Nothing," I found myself smiling with excitement, while also holding my breath in nervous anxiety. Would the film be able to sustain its confident manic tone, maintain its humor and smarts, its depth of characterization and innovative use of text and landscape? Would the magic hold? The magic holds. It holds from beginning to end."
Roger Ebert Movies
Running time 1hr 49m

THE ATTACK...Starts Friday July 19 On Our Screen...
 A Film Directed and Co-Written by Ziad Doueiri.  Starring Ali Suliman & Reymonde Amsellem.
Amin Jaafari (Ali Suliman, Paradise Now) is an Israeli Palestinian surgeon, fully assimilated into Tel Aviv society. He has a loving wife, an exemplary career, and many Jewish friends. But his picture perfect life is turned upside down after a suicide bombing in a restaurant leaves nineteen dead, and the Israeli police inform him that his wife, Sihem (Reymonde Amsellem, Lebanon) who also died in the explosion, was responsible. Convinced of her innocence, Amin abandons the relative security of his adopted homeland and enters the Palestinian territories in pursuit of the truth. Once there, he finds himself in ever more dangerous places and situations. Determined, he presses on seeking answers to questions he never thought he would be asking. 
In Arabic & Hebrew with English subtitles.

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