The Man Who Would Be King Radio Play at Old Franklin School August 24th

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Before Raiders of the Lost Ark, there was The Man Who Would Be King. Based on the classic yarn by Rudyard Kipling and the rollicking film by John Huston, this ripsnorting radio play tells the tall and timeless tale of two rogue British soldiers/freemasons who set off from 19th century British India in search of adventure, and end up as kings of Kafiristan.

With Carlyle Owens as Brother Peachey Carnehan, Jeff Maschi as Brother Daniel Dravot, Laurence Mintz as Rudyard Kipling/Billy Fish, and Michael Jarmus as assorted other characters.

Featuring a live rendition of the song sung by Brother Danny Dravot, "Son of God Goes Forth to War" (set to the Irish tune "The Moreen"), and, as always, complimentary cocktails!

$10 @ the door.
Attention Freemasons! Don't miss our staged presentation of this rousing adventure by freemason Rudyard Kipling, topfull with masonic myth and brotherly bonhomie. For the sake of the Widow's son!

Raconteur Radio stages theatrical presentations of classic and original radio plays for live audiences throughout the Tri-State area. Theatrical lighting, costumes, vintage commercials, and extensive sound effects!

As always, our ticketed performances are free to librarians and event directors who have hosted us in the past or are considering us for an upcoming program. Please join us as our guest!

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