Celebrate Recovery! Event September 26th at Borough Hall

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From Municipal Alliance:

The Borough of Metuchen will hold its 5th annual "Celebrate Recovery!" event on Thursday, September 26, 2013 at Metuchen's Borough Hall. The event promotes the benefits of prevention, treatment, and recovery from substance use and abuse and celebrates those in recovery. A variety of recovery information and resources will also be made available.

The event, sponsored by the Metuchen Municipal Alliance, and NCADD New Jersey's Advocacy Leaders, features a panel of speakers including representatives from the recovery community, law enforcement, the Governor's Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (GCADA), treatment providers, and family support groups. An open question and answer period will follow the speakers. Check out this Vimeo link for a video presentation.

Irene Morris-Nann, Coordinator of the Metuchen Municipal Alliance says, "Addiction is a disease, but people can and do recover everyday and it is the responsibility of those who have seen recovery happen to spread the message and let others know that it can happen for them too. I have seen the silent suffering of individuals and families in active addiction and I believe that through advocacy and public events like this one, we can reduce the stigma associated with addiction and let people know they do not have to feel ashamed or deal with the effects of untreated addiction alone."

Alcohol and substance abuse disorders affect 1 in 10 Americans[1]. The effects of addiction are far reaching, and the ripples spread through families and the community at large. September is National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month (www.recoverymonth.gov). The observation of Recovery Month began 24 years ago to help educate the public and reduce the stigma associated with addiction and treatment.

With 13.7% of teens ages 12-17 nationally reporting being approached by someone selling drugs in the past 30 days[2], the event allows parents the opportunity to attend with their child and provides a unique opportunity for open and honest dialogue.

Addiction is a family disease. Twenty percent of children nationally grow up in a household affected by alcoholism. While there is no silver bullet, help is available and recovery is possible. The Recovery Month Celebration is a part of the ongoing outreach and education that the Metuchen Municipal Alliance provides to the community.  

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