Metuchen Yarn Bomber Revealed!

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For the many of you readers who have been wondering aloud who the Metuchen Yarn Bomber, MM has gotten the scoop for you. In her own words, here is some background on Jennifer Daro, longtime Metuchenite and Arts Enthusiast:

I graduated from Metuchen High School--my grandparents settled here and my family is the fourth generation to live here. I started knitting around 1991 -- I taught myself the basics. I never took any classes. I usually give [my] finished pieces away to those who appreciate them. I find it very meditative after a long day of work.

I discovered yarn bombing only a few years ago [through] the Internet. Art has always been a love of mine. I have a BFA (Visual Communications with a concentration in graphic design) and an MA (Behavioral Sciences with a concentration in Human Behavior and Organizational Psychology) from Kean University. 
So art was and still is a passion for me. The creative bug in me is being expressed via fiber art.

I didn't expect the reaction I received with the yarn bombing. 
It is very exciting that everyone seems to enjoy it. I do want to eventually yarn bomb all the trees from Hailey's Pub to 27 on 
  one side. I have done two trees so far and I am working on the third. The next tree to get bombed will be the one in front of Hailey's Pub.

I created a Facebook page called "Metuchen Yarn Bombing" and have over 75 interested people. Another individual is also creating a piece for the next tree. I would love to get more people 
  involved. I have had many messages about ideas or requests. It would be great if more people wanted to bomb Metuchen, since I could use the help.

Anyone interested can contact me through the Facebook page or I would like to do something for JuneBug next year!

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