Edgar Students Explore Edgar Woods with Princeton Grad Students

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Science_-_Edgar_Woods_2.jpgSeventh grade students in Judy Graziano's classes at Edgar Middle School worked with graduate students from Princeton University in Edgar Woods as they studied ecology in an authentic science lesson.  Edgar Woods is located directly behind the middle school and has served as an outdoor classroom for many years.  This project allowed students to work with graduate level scientists as they collected data from the woods.  Students measured and recorded the circumference of a variety of trees.  They recorded the % color change status of the plant, and collected leaves to be used in the identification of the trees.  Soil moisture and temperature measurements were also included in their record keeping.  As part of this on-going partnership, these seventh graders will return to Edgar Woods at periodic intervals to collect additional data and monitor their findings.   These types of science learning activities provide a real world application to the concepts studied in the classroom.  The opportunity to work in an authentic science learning environment provides these young ecologists with a unique learning experience.

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