Nails in the Wall Presents "Whirls" - Sufi Dervish presentation

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Sunday, Nov. 3, 3pmNails in the Wall, the Gallery at St. Luke's, Oak Ave. & Rt. 27 in Metuchen, will sponsor a one- hour presentation by a Sufi Dervish who "Whirls," Sakina, a woman dervish from the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Community in Tribeca, Manhattan. This particular "embodied" form of prayer, the physical act of moving in a circle, is not well known in the West, though nearly all of the great religious traditions use body postures, kneeling, bowing, dancing, as part of prayer ritual.

The program is connected to the Gallery's current exhibit, "Spirituality of the Mandala, Reality in the Round."  All are invited.

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