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This is the time when charitable giving efforts become more heavily-trafficked. MM would like to suggest town organizations that could benefit from your generous donations. This week the suggested organization is THE METUCHEN EDUCATION FOUNDATION.

The Metuchen Education Foundation is a town non-profit, a volunteer organization that raises funds as requested by teachers in the district for special enrichment and educational opportunities that would be hard to finance on restricted school budgets. MEF has made over $300K in donations to Metuchen teachers over the last 16 years. They fund ideas that are not included in the budget for the coming year. A team of 16 trustees, made up of both families active in the school system as well as retirees whose children came up through the district already, evaluate the requests for funds from teachers from all four schools and give out grants in both the fall and the spring.

"We try to enrich the education of our students through our teachers, many of whom find truly creative ways to change the game in their field of work," said MEF President Paula Best. Some of the lasting benefits from these efforts over the years have paid for and maintained the Edgar Weather Station, the High School Footlighters' sound system, the Naviance program for tracking a students' progress and eventually their college applications, and a virtual classroom system at Edgar Middle School as well as start-up costs for new AP classes to be offered and smart boards for seven fifth grade classrooms.

Donations come mostly from individuals, in small increments that add up over time to help MEF supplement the dreams of many creative, interesting teachers who need the money to bring innovative materials and processes into the school district.

MEF awarded four mini-grants and one major grant in the spring of 2013, for a total of $7322.41. The recipients included:

·       Tara Pata at Campbell School: "Interact With the classics"  

·       Audra Smith at Edgar: "Pixton for Schools" 

·       Joe Fitzgibbons at Campbell School: "Minecraft For Education"

·       Adam Levy @ Metuchen High School: "Songwriter's Workshop".

The major Grant awarded was to Kathleen Henn & Yoko Kato (for the district): "Laboratory Materials and Preparation for the new Advanced Placement Environmental Science"

Last fall, three mini-grants and one major grant were awarded. The recipients included:

·       Kathleen Roder; Deanna Kindler; & Rebecca Jacheo-Smith @ Campbell School: "Alternative Seating for Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder"  

·       Melissa Kovacs @ Edgar School "Non-Fiction Texts"

·       Joe Fitzgibbons & Nancy Hanley @ Campbell School: "Ko's Journey" (math software that combines storytelling with the change for students to solve math problems to forward the story's progression)


The major grant awarded was to Adam Levy at Metuchen High School for "Poetry of Song Technology."

Each completed program presents a written report discussing how it enhanced a certain part of the school and district curriculum at the end of the school year. "We need to show how every dollar donated makes the student experience better," said Grants Director Anne Lackland and MEF President Paula Best.

All of their fundraising goes 100% into the classroom, enriching every chid's education--individual donations make up the bulk of the money that comes in, so, if you are looking for that end-of-year charity to donate to, consider MEF.

Their website is www.metucheneducationfoundation.org Donations cam be made at the website via PayPal or a major credit card. If you have any questions, please contact MEF at  info@metucheneducationfoundation.org.

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