Help out the Metuchen Volunteer Fire Dept with End-of-Year Charitable Contribution

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From the Metuchen Fire Department:

Once a year the Members of the Metuchen Volunteer Fire Department reach out to the residents and businesses of our community to ask for your support.  Our annual mailing is the only general effort conducted by our organization to raise funds. Everything received goes directly to support our firefighters and the mission of the MFD.  We are a 501(c)(4) Organization and all donations are Tax Exempt.


Any additional attempts to raise funds are always associated with special ventures such as last year's "Unit 9 Project" or our "Pet Rescue Project" planned for the spring of 2014.  On occasion, the MFD may also team up with other community organizations in support of a special goal or effort.


Important Scam Warning, Please Read!


The MFD does not use any outside fund raising companies and we do not conduct phone solicitations.  All fund raising efforts are conducted by our members.  Please do not allow unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of your good will.


Finally, we would like to thank all of you that have already contributed.  Not everyone has the time to volunteer but by supporting our efforts, you become a part of what we do and the service we provide.  Your donation does make a difference.




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