New Jersey Orators Succeeds with Help of Metuchen's Jennifer Wilner

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Local writer/publicist Jennifer Wilner has a lot of interesting clients but MM finds the New Jersey Orators the most interesting. Check out their history and agenda at 

MM asked Wilner about her work and her association with the Orators.

How did you first get into contact with Young Orators? (New Jersey Orators) 

A. While chatting with friends a year and a half ago, they mentioned that their children had joined New Jersey Orators and that we should "check it out". They were seeing a direct connection to the improvement of their children's language and reading comprehension in school.  I took Alexis as a guest one night, and since she LOVES to have a crowd's attention and perform, she was immediately drawn to the idea.  

What do you think is the strongest benefit from their program? Do you have personal involvement with them beyond publicizing their events?

 A. I think the strongest benefit is teaching children to be confident public speakers. Not necessarily in front of thousands of people to start, but just their peers (to start) they need to be comfortable talking to people. It's a life skill that they will fall back on through their school years, college, job interviews and all through life. 

As I said earlier, my personal involvement is that Alexis is a member. As parents, my husband (Jonathan) and I are enjoying seeing her confidence soar through the skills she's learning every week.  

How did you begin your business? Who are your other clients?

A.  I began my business quite accidently actually. A local friend  was on her way home from a large trade show & asked if I wanted to help her upload a couple hundred business cards into her database she just received. We started working together in a truly virtual way. Then, to help me grow she forwarded me a job opportunity she stumbled upon on Linkedin as one of a team of virtual assistants to a very busy business coach in Long Island. Its pretty much a cycle of getting out there to meet people, let them know what my skills and asests are and the business relationships blossom from there.  

I work with a local landscaper as his Virtual Office Manager, managing website updates, marketing, some bookkeeping and  advising on continuing education for his crew.  I also (now & past) work with a NYC based CPA recruiter, a realtor, a catering business in Georgia, a nutritionist, business matchmaking service, and 2 Authors, one who is a former celebrity assistant, and the other, my wonderful daughter. 

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