An Open Letter from the Forum Theater Director Peter Loewy

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To All Our Loyal Patrons,
I know many of you have been coming to the Forum for years and I appreciate the fact that we have so many loyal and dedicated patrons. The Forum is one of the only single screen privately owned theatres in the State. This year movie companies are going to put many independent theatres out of business by going digital. There will be no more films distributed in 35MM. A shame to say the least. And for theatres to transfer to digital is extremely costly. For that reason I will be concentrating on bringing more and more live programming to the community. Children's musical theatre classes and live shows for kids as well as musicals and plays for adults. And yes we will still present the best in film. With temperatures reaching record lows and snow it has been a challenge for us to keep the theatre as warm as we would like and I sincerely apologize for that. We have also experienced roof issues with water leaking down a couple of areas along the walls of the theatre ruining the gold fabric and some of the lighting sconces. I rarely ask for help but it is now time to reach out and ask YOUR help in raising the funds needed to improve the theatre going experience at the Forum and help keep the arts alive here in Metuchen with first class films and live stage productions. We are hoping to raise $150,000.00 for capital improvements over the next year.  
New heating and air systems are our priority, new fabric and lighting on the walls, new carpeting and improved concession stand area. We are not just asking for monetary help. We are asking all our patrons that if you know of a heating company, roofer, interior designer, plumber, fund raiser or anyone that can help with in kind services we would be very happy to hear from you. Donations are obviously a priority in helping to move forward as quickly as possible. If your interested in getting involved please email me, 
That being said I would publicly like to thank the wonderful Mohtadi family, Madi, Nabil and they're daughters Idi and Danya who have been with our Stars On Stage program for many years now. They donated their time, money and dedication to our program by remodeling the dressing rooms so our students would have a colorful, safe new environment to enhance their experience at the Forum. They are true supporters of the arts and I can not thank them enough! Speaking of Stars On Stage, this spring we will also make musical theatre classes available to middle and high school students.
Now we have 2 wonderful events this weekend. Our Stars On Stage production of, DEAR EDWINA the musical, live onstage for the kids and adults alike and the Academy Award Nominated Film, 12 YEARS A SLAVE. I do hope you come out to support our Stars On Stage students and see this remarkable film. 
So dress a little warmer and I'll be happy to supply the hot chocolate!
Thanks for listening and most of all for your support!
Peter J Loewy Founder/Producing Artistic Director

DEAR EDWINA, The Musical Tonite & Saturday  @ 7:30 Sunday @ 2pm  General Seating $15   Box Office 732.548.5600
And Continuing On Our Screen... Oscar nominated...12 YEARS A SLAVE   Rated R, 2 hr. 13 min. General Seating $10 Seniors 65 and Up $9

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