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YMCA of Metuchen, Edison, Woodbridge & South Amboy Offers Happy New You Resolutions for 2014


The New Year is a time for new beginnings and to set goals that strengthen one's spirit, mind and body.


The YMCA of MEWSA has a special New Year offer to help get you started! From January 1 - January 31, join any Y branch in our association (Metuchen Y, Edison Y at the Community Campus & South Amboy Y) and save 50% off the joiner's fee.


And to help you stick to your new year resolutions, the YMCA has added a new feature to enhance your Y membership.  We have partnered with our colleagues at the Raritan Bay Area Y and the Raritan Valley Y to offer our members the Passport Membership feature - You can visit any Y in our network for no additional charge. That's like getting five YMCA memberships for the price of one.


"At the Y, we are committed to strengthening individuals and families to build stronger communities," said Lisa Sanguilano, District Executive Director, YMCA of MEWSA. "When making New Year's Resolutions, we encourage people to begin with small changes that are easy to sustain and that lead to big benefits over time." Here are some suggestions to welcome a Happy New You in 2014.

The YMCA of MEWSA offers a variety of programs that support healthy living that will help you and your family embrace a Happy New You in 2014. Following are a few New Year's Resolutions to consider for 2014:        


1.   Change the Way You View Good Health: At one time or another we have all welcomed the new year with a commitment to get healthy. Most commonly, we seek to shed weight and do so by embracing a diet that is a big departure from our everyday way of eating. The result? A program that requires too many changes, that is often restrictive and difficult to maintain. Why not tweak the way we view good health and consider it an ongoing process where a series of small modifications add up to big changes over time? It's a conscious decision to live a healthier life rather than a decision to start a diet. Chose one area where a small change can lead to big benefits. For instance, replace your lunch time soda with a glass of water with lemon or lime. Do it for a few weeks. Once you integrate that healthy habit, tackle another. How about going to bed a half hour earlier every night? A small change like this can have a big impact on more than your mood. It's a process of building one good habit at a time. You'll be surprised how these little changes will add up and how good you will feel.


2.   Cook Together. Eat Together: Get the whole family involved in preparing a meal. From menu planning, to shopping, to cooking together, your family will begin to understand how to make healthier food choices, create balanced meals and understand healthy portion sizes. Chose one day a week to give it a try. Is Sunday your 'down time' day? Give it a whirl. You can even spend some time on Sunday making meals together for the coming week. Once your culinary masterpiece is done, sit down together and enjoy. Mealtime is a great way for parents and children to share stories, or talk about the school day or their favorite part of the day. Set aside time for the family to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner at least once a week or every day if scheduling permits.


3.   Embrace Generosity: Giving back and supporting neighbors benefits everyone involved. It teaches children and teens the value of helping others and is also a way to meet new people or discover a new interest. Find an opportunity in your community that the entire family may enjoy, such as cleaning your neighborhood park or distributing food at a local food bank.


4.   Unplug: Limit screen time (television, video games, computer, etc.) and instead set aside an hour or two for activities that allow interaction and camaraderie. If weather permits, go for a walk, bike ride, trip to the park, or have a game night at home. If you do want to watch television, maybe have a movie night with the family. 


5.    Integrate Exercise: It's important to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day (60 minutes for children). Incorporate physical activity into your daily routines and spend more time walking to places instead of driving to improve your health and well-being.


6.   Put Extras to Good UseDo you have extra canned goods or clothes that could benefit others in need? Clean out your pantry, closet or attic and donate extra items to homeless shelters or community outreach programs. You can also get the entire family involved and demonstrate to the children the value of giving.


To learn more about the YMCA of MEWSA's programs, contact your local Y or visit our website to find out more.


You can also learn more about our partner Ys by visiting their websites:
Raritan Bay Area YMCA (Perth Amboy):


Raritan Valley YMCA (East Brunswick):


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