David Moss Coming to Neve Shalom for Lecture 3/23

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david_moss_scroll_800_800.jpgDavid Moss will give this year's Israel Segal Lecture on Sunday morning March 23rd at 10 am at Neve Shalom. David Moss is one of the Jewish world's most prominent illuminators, animators, transformer of Jewish texts, objects and spaces. 
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Hundreds of artists followed Moss' initiative.
Then in 1980 he did the same thing with the Haggadah. He was one of the first moderns to illuminate the Haggadah in original  and colorful fashion and guided by the oral traditions of the ancient rabbis.. The. Moss Haggadah is a modern classic- one reviewer called it the "greatest Haggadah ever." The Reagan White House purchased an original to present as a gift to the visiting president of Israel.
Later, David Moss brought the same creativity to Jewish objects and space...stenders (small podiums from which sacred texts are taught) and pottery.
His work has been featured in the New York Public Library, UJA events, and synagogues throughout the world. He has extended himself beyond his own studio...with master classes for other fledgling Jewish artists, scholar in residence at Camp Ramah.
Your time with David Moss in Neve Shalom on March 23 will provide you with knowledge of the haggadah and its artistry , which you can then incorporate into your own seder. 
What a treat for us to spend a Day With David Moss,  Come with your family and friends to this unique event sponsored by Shirley Segal and her family in tribute to Israel Segal, father and husband and grandfather and pious Jew .Israel inspired us in life and through this annual event in Neve Shalom continues that inspiration.
        One may , but need not come to each event in the whole day schedule. Because David Moss is so dedicated to "spreading the creativity and artistry"  and impact all ages, the day will be broken into several parts with several groups. As an adult, you will  probably want to hear his lecture accompanied by illustrations, and maybe his artists studio ( for obvious reasons , the studio requires pre registration)
9:15-10:00 - With the religious school
10:15-12 15 - Lecture explaining David Moss ' approach to the illustration of the Haggadah
12:15 -12:45 - Book signing and refreshments
1:30 - Artists studio...( no charge, but this will require your registration please!). Trying  your own hand at the Moss, method of illustration, under his guidance.

To Shirley Segal and her family, Israel's children, grandchildren, children-in-law- the gratitude of all of us for this wonderful and unique chance to sit with one of the Jewish world's most innovative and spiritual artists.

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